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©Jérôme Favre

Photo by Jérôme Favre 


Print Designer & Artist

I founded Ailsa Munro Design in 2013 so I would have a productive outlet for my creativity and skills in textile design after graduating from Brighton University.  With 10 years of experience designing prints for the fashion industry I ventured out into the art world creating illustrative limited edition prints, as well as collaged and cyanotype originals. 

In my art world, nature is sprawling, filling the frame with abundant lifeforms. 

With almost microscopic accuracy, my work focuses on the vegetative world, the topic of climate change and the de- and re-wilding of our planet - an interconnected network of living organisms that often appear still, but fizz with energy and life. 

My latest series explores hyper-intelligent networks operating beneath the surface, looking closely at the role mycelium and soil health play in the fight against climate change. Drawn from observational studies and digitised into imagined environments.

Living in the city, my connection to nature comes, in part, from the plants I nurture in my home and small balcony garden. Propagating and growing plants has long inspired my work, as has the reciprocal relationship between human beings and the natural world, the individual and the collective.


I would love to hear from you so please do get in touch or click below to browse my online portfolio & find out more about the design services I offer...

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