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As an Artist & Textile Print Designer I take on a variety of art commissions, printed textile design briefs and other creative projects.

First things first let's chat about what you have in mind and, offering my expertise on the call, we can map out how the project could look.

No commitment, the choice is always yours.


Talks, Workshops and Exhibitions

As a mixed media artist and seasoned textile designer, I bring a unique blend of creativity and expertise to the table. By exhibiting my work or inviting me to speak about my art practice your institution or company can infuse virtual or physical spaces with lively discussion.

My work encourages viewers to embrace beauty in unconventional forms and my engaging talks shed light on the creative process behind my practice, inspiring others to explore their own creative potential.

Let's collaborate and foster a dialogue about the transformative power of art!

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Bespoke Artwork or Textile Print

Do you have an idea for a personalised artwork or print that you'd like help creating? I would love to collaborate with you. I can assist in taking a surface design from concept to printed, packaged & polished product.

"Thanks @ailsamunrodesign - the whole designing process was a really enjoyable experience we had with you and now we have something physical we get to treasure

Heather Beatrice Webster (a beautiful bride in 2021)


Print Design


I assist design teams with all areas of the print design process from hand painting motifs to preparing production files. If you are in need of a spare pair of print designer’s hands don't hesitate to send me an SOS...

"(Ailsa) is always the first person I call if I ever need a freelance designer, because I know she will consistently deliver work with speed, accuracy and finesse. She has a highly creative eye, is an expert with design technology and quickly grasps a brief with minimal explanation. Additionally, I always breathe a little easier when up against a deadline with Ailsa in the studio, because of her focussed, calm and reassuring manner." 

Textiles Director at Saloni,

Ready to book in a call?

My availability is updated automatically, please select below a time that works for you...

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